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Brokered / Consignment vehicles are always welcome and our experience brokerage team will work together to sell your vehicle fast and efficiently. We have built a reputation in our market as having excellent and superior quality vehicles allowing BLACK MARKET CARS to get you top dollar for your consignment vehicle or motorcycle.  Until now, consumers looking to sell a vehicle faced a difficult choice between a fast dealer sale which earned far less than actual vehicle value, or a stressful and potentially dangerous person-to-person transaction. With our service, the seller is spared the hassle and safety concerns of making a person-to-person transaction alone, and earns an average of $2500.00 more than if the car had been sold to a used car dealer.

       Let us do what we do. So you can do what you do.

BLACK MARKET CARS offers a full-service brokerage / consignment program that benefits both buyers and sellers of fine automobiles. If you have a car you'd like to sell, BLACK MARKET CARS  Is a great option. We remove all the hassle and provide you with lots of leisure time to do the things you'd rather do. The kicker is that we can do this for you and still offer you a larger return in a shorter time period versus a private sale. Here's why, In the private market, there are numerous other factors that BLACK MARKET CARS can help you overcome:

Trade-in’s - BLACK MARKET CARS can accept trade-ins as full or partial payment for your vehicle, even if you don't want to entertain trades. We can take an '92 Saturn as a partial trade for your '06 Lexus.

Advertising- BLACK MARKET CARS offers a fully-integrated marketing campaign for your vehicle in the venues that matter most to your target buyers. In addition to our broad-brand general marketing, our standard consignment package includes vehicle-specific marketing that reaches over ninety percent of internet shoppers through our contracts with Cars for, Yahoo Autos, MSN Autos, Google, Craigslist, Postlets, Back Page and many more. Our dedicated automotive enthusiasts will describe your car in words in a way that will make you second-guess your decision to sell it. If you want more, we also offer featured placements on,,, and print publications and other websites for an additional fee.

Reconditioning - BLACK MARKET CARS handles everything your car needs to prepare it for an optimal sale at a fair market price. And leveraging our expertise and our preferred-vendor relationships, we'll do it for you at industry-insider pricing. At a minimum, these services include a pre-purchase inspection by a licensed technician that is an expert in your car's make followed by a truly professional detail service by proven professionals. We can also take care of things like the removal of minor door dings, alignment, tire replacement, upholstery repair, window tint removal, windshield replacement, and even major mechanical issues and non-structural body-shop issues. We've already found the vendors that do quality work and wouldn't dream of leaving us dissatisfied.    

Availability - BLACK MARKET CARS can be open for business seven days a week in a secure, fully-insured, and licensed dealership. All the cost and headache of setting up and dealing with (missed) appointments, test drives, low-ballers, tire-kickers and not to mention scammers is handled gracefully by BLACK MARKET CARS. If a customer wants to have your car inspected by an independent shop, we'll take care of the transport to and from our dealership. If a customer wants the sale to be done contingent on cosmetic work, mechanical work or anything else, we take care of it (at our reduced pricing -- extended to you). You do nothing but cash your check when the sale is complete.

Warranties - Once we're satisfied by our inspection of your vehicle as well as a qualified third-party inspection of your vehicle, BLACK MARKET CARS can offer potential buyers bumper-to-bumper warranties of up to ten years/100,000 miles that can be used at any dealership or licensed repair facility. The peace of mind this kind of warranty can offer is often the deciding factor in a mutually successful sale.                    

Closing and delivery - BLACK MARKET CARS will handle all the necessary paperwork when your vehicle is sold.  We collect the funds avoiding scams, complete all the required documentation to include state and federal forms, transfer the titles, and provide the new owner with vehicle tags and registration.

Cost and fees  - At BLACK MARKET CARS, our goal-oriented partnership attempts to match people with the perfect car for their needs. The car you no longer need or want is that perfect car for one of our customers. We view every consignment contract with BLACK MARKET CARS as a partnership between BLACK MARKET CARS, you, as the seller, and the new owner. Our fees reflect that goal: we charge a simple percentage of the sale price, ranging from 10% to 20.0%, depending on the estimated sale price of your vehicle. Our fee varies based on price of your vehicle. There is an up front listing fee which is the only fee you pay if the car does not sell. This is generally $195.00 (non-refundable). These fees are agreed upon before the contract is signed.                              

When your car sells at BLACK MARKET CARS, the new owner will have had the same pleasant, satisfying experience that you had when you consigned your car with us: an enthusiastic, facts-oriented adventure in a professional, MVA approved office, and lounge setting with a friendly kid play area.

Don't hesitate to contact us today to find out how simple it is to consign your car with BLACK MARKET CARS.

Black Market Cars is a Division of Drive Investment Group, LLC

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